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Pleural Biopsy

Pleural biopsy is a diagnostic procedure in which a small tissue sample is obtained from the pleural lining, the thin membrane surrounding the lungs and inner chest wall. It may be performed to diagnose the cause of pleural effusion fluid accumulation, pleural thickening or a pleural tumor. The minimally-invasive surgical procedure is generally considered safe with a low risk of complications.

What is Pleural Biopsy?

Pleura is a thin membrane that lines the inside of the chest and the lungs. A pleural biopsy is a procedure to remove a tissue sample from the pleura to look for infection, cancer, or other conditions.

pleural biopsy

How will a surgical pleural biopsy be performed?

Neumark surgeons perform a surgical pleural biopsy via a minimally-invasive approach. The common approach is via a uniportal video-assisted surgery (U-VATS) where the pleural lesion that needs to be biopsied is identified and sampled.

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