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Rib Fracture

Neumark surgeons perform open reduction and internal fixation surgery with titanium plates for patients with three rib fractures that are displaced Surgical intervention is effective in helping patients return to normal activities. In the postoperative period, it is important for patients to follow the prescribed rehabilitation protocol and avoid activities that could potentially jeopardize the stability of the repaired rib fracture.

What is a Rib Fracture?

A broken rib or rib fracture is a common injury when one of the bones in the rib cage breaks or cracks. The most common cause is chest trauma from a motor accident, fall from a height or an impact during contact sports.

rib fractures

How will I be treated if I have a Rib Fracture?

Most rib fractures can be treated conservatively with painkillers (analgesic medication). Your doctor may also prescribe breathing exercises to help you breathe more deeply because shallow breathing can put you at risk of developing pneumonia.

Surgery is recommended for patients with more than three displaced rib fractures and if the pain is not controlled with analgesia. Neumark surgeons perform an open reduction and internal fixation of the rib fractures with titanium plates. The fractured ribs are reduced, placed back in their normal position, and stabilised with titanium plates and screws. The titanium plates prevent the broken ribs from moving and allow for healing in the normal anatomical position.

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