Organization of Thoracic Surgical Services during the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge for healthcare workers and systems around the world. In response, healthcare systems adopted various strategies, including pandemic planning, infection control measures, and prioritisation of essential hospital services, in order to address the surge of COVID-19 patients while still providing necessary care.
COVID-19 thoracic surgery resources


About the Systematic Review

This systematic review focuses on the continuation of essential thoracic surgical services at a teaching hospital in Singapore during the COVID-19 outbreak. The provision of these services requires comprehensive preplanning and strict adherence to infection control protocols. In addition, the review considers the importance of research, resident training, and ethical considerations in the context of a pandemic.

Table 3 summarizes key principles and measures that can be utilized to provide thoracic surgery services during and after an outbreak, while also addressing the challenges posed by resource constraints and increased patient demand. These principles may be applicable to other surgical disciplines as well. It is crucial to have such measures in place in order to ensure that patients in need of surgery receive the necessary treatment.


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