Novel Nuss Bar Fixation Using ZipFix for Pectus Excavatum

Bar displacement is a significant complication that can occur after the Nuss procedure for correcting pectus excavatum. This paper presents a new method of bar fixation using Sternal ZipFix® System, a biocompatible cable-tie implant, related to a group of patients and their outcomes.
Novel Nuss Bar Fixation for pectus excavatum


About the Nuss Procedure for Pectus Excavatum

The Nuss procedure is widely accepted as the preferred surgical approach for correcting pectus excavatum, but proper bar stabilisation is essential for successful outcomes. Bar displacement, a serious complication that occurs in 2% of patients using current stabilisation techniques and requiring revision surgery in half of these cases, is a significant challenge to successful outcomes. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure firm bar stabilisation in order to achieve optimal results. Several techniques are described, with the most common method involving the attachment of a stabiliser or footplate to the bar for improved surgical outcomes. 


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